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For face, neck, knees, underarms & intimate areas

Say hello to Rosette like you’ve never seen it before in LYCON’s new beaded wax form!

Featuring the same great LYCON quality and performance, PLUS the extra convenience of the easy-to-pour beaded wax form. Rosette Beaded Hot Wax delivers both therapist and client a premium waxing experience.

A LYCON legend! This creamy pink classic is exceptional for extra sensitive areas. Perfect for Brazilian waxing! This traditional strip-less hot wax is perfect for removing hair as short as 1mm. Providing a comfortable waxing experience, our low temperature Rosette wax sticks to the hair not skin and can be reapplied 5-6 times on skin without discomfort or irritation. Containing the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients, our Australian made wax leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and completely hair free.

Cruelty Free | Gluten Free



    • Rose and Chamomile to calm, soothe, & moisturise skin
    • Titanium Dioxide to suit sensitive skin
    • Parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, hydroquinone free
    • Vegan friendly
    • Australian made
    • Perfect for intimate areas

    Put wax beads into wax heater insert, melt wax, stir well and allow to become a thick honey consistency. The working temperature is about 60˚C (140˚F).

    Test wax on your inner wrist for a comfortable working temperature. If wax feels too hot, let wax cool.

    Cleanse skin with LYCON Lycotane Skin Cleanser, then apply a light film of LYCON Pre-Waxing Oil to skin, before each wax patch application.

    Apply wax firmly against hair growth in patches with a fuller edge – for easier wax removal. Remove wax patches against hair growth.

    On completion, cleanse skin with LYCON Lycotane Skin Cleanser, then apply LYCON Tea-Tree Soothe to soothe and moisturise.

    WARNING: Discontinue use of this product if any adverse skin reaction occurs. Keep away from eyes. If wax enters the eye, flush well with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention if irritation persists. Do not expose wax to naked flames, as wax is flammable. Do not heat wax over 120˚C (248˚F). Do not apply hot and runny wax to skin. Only apply wax when its temperature is about 60˚C (140˚F), at which point it will have the consistency of thick honey. Do not use wax on sunburnt skin, moles, varicose veins, broken, irritated or inflamed skin.

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